Principality of Scotia

State Crown

State Crown of Scotia

The Royal Family

The Principality of Scotia is currently an Absolute Monarchy as voted for by 99% of citizens in the Referendum of September 2015, with elements of Direct Democracy as initiated by the Sovereign Prince.

Scotia has a Sovereign Prince or Princess as its Head of State, followed by a Crown Prince or Princess as the Heir to the Throne. This is followed by a Prince or Princess Royal, all of which carry the title His or Her Serene Highness (HSH).

There are also a small number of other royal members, most of which are titled His or Her Highness (HH), including the 3rd in line to the throne, known as the Prince/Princess Sapphire.

The current Sovereign Prince is a moderniser as well as holding traditional values and principals and has ensured that the royal household will not be overly dependent on the state. Only those holding the title HSH will be a figure head for the Royal Family for Scotia.

The current major Royal Household consist of;

1. The Sovereign Prince: (Head of State)
His Serene Highness, Prince Charles II, the Prince of Scotia

2. The Crown Princess:
Her Serene Highness, Princess Anne of Scotia

3. The Princess Royal:
Her Serene Highness, Princess Jayne of Scotia

4. The Prince Sapphire: (As of 28th August 2015)
His Highness, Prince Alexander of Scotia

Both the Crown Princess and the Princess Royal are sisters of the Sovereign Prince and while currently unmarried and without an heir the crown will pass to his sister the Crown Princess on the death of the Sovereign Prince.

In Scotia the line of succession goes to the eldest child of the Sovereign whether that child is male or female. If the Sovereign has no children, then the succession passes to the Sovereigns next eldest sibling and so forth until the throne of Scotia is rightfully seated.

Royal Guards on Horseback

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