Principality of Scotia


Do I Have To Pay To Become A Citizen?

The answer is No! not a present. However all citizens are now required by law to give at least 25 hours National Voluntary Service to Scotia per year, to help support the development and growth of the country. Once we are ready to issue National Cards, Passports etc, we would require a small amount for admin fees only.

What Is The Currency Of The Principality of Scotia?
The Scoti, however we also accept the Euro as currency.

Can I Become A Member Of The National Council?
Every year, 4 members are chosen by the Sovereign and 4 members are citizens elected by fellow citizens, making an eight member National Council led by the Sovereign. The National Council are Advisors to the Sovereign as well as Ministers/Councillors acting on behalf of the Sovereign and may be bestowed a title of office, e.g. First Minister, Finance Minister, Foregin Minister, etc.

You are able to nominate yourself either directly to the Sovereign Princes Office or for public election or both.

The next General Election is to be held in March 2016 and you will be required to stay actively in post until April 2017.

If you are a registered citizen, been an activie citizen for at least 1-2 years, aged 16 years or older and have a clean criminal record then theres nothing to stop you nominating yourself.

What Are The Countrys Religious Views?
The Principality of Scotia is a secular state with no religious affiliations whatsoever. The religious beliefs of Scotian Citizens are a Constitutionally guaranteed matter of personal choice.

What Are The Country's Political Views?
Because Scotia is not a political party it does not endorse or promote a fixed political agenda. Political views are a Constitutionally guaranteed matter of personal choice, and the country embraces Citizens supporting a broad diversity of such views as long as the law of the land is adhered to. Politics in Scotia is non partican.

What Is The National Language Of Scotia?
English is the main language used within Scotia. We also have people from all over the world and we will embrace all cultures and diversitys.

How Is It Possible For A Country To Exist Without No Terriotry?
We do have claimed territory in Antartica which was claimed in 1937 by the Sovereign Prince's Grandfather, however Norway claimed the land along with the rest of the northern territory a few years later. We still strongly believe that the land claimed in 1937 belongs to Scotia.

Although we do not have a physical presence on that land, other states exist also without land. Vatican City for example possesses only a few aches of land and has a mere handful of citizens, whilst the Sovereign Military Order of Malta has existed as a state without territory since its expulsion from the island of Malta nearly two centuries ago. Both of the forementioned are widely recognised by UN Member States, including the United States.

How Many Citizens Does Scotia Have?
As of 15th January 2016. There are 614 registered citizens of Scotia.

When Is The General Election?
As of October 2015, Scotia will hold Elections every year for the Ntional Council and the next General Election is to be held in March 2016.

What are the National Symbols of Scotia?
• Star of Scotia (The Sapphire)
• Strawberry (National Fruit)
• Unicorn (National Animal)
• Queen Scotia (The symbol of Peace, Justice and Prosperity in Scotia)
• Flur-de-lis / Blue Rose (National Flowers)

Why is the Sovereign Prince, named Charles II when he formed the Principality?
The Principality of Scotia was formed out of the Kingdom of Scotia from 1937 and His Serene Highness, Prince Charles II, The Sovereign Prince of Scotia decreed that in recognition of the Kingdom the monarchy of the Kingdom will be recognised within the Principality. The Sovereign Princes father was King Charles and therefore Charles I.

If you have a question which isn't listed here, contact us on the contacts page or via and we will provide you with an answer and also may put the question here in the F.A.Q section.

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